Live Sports on TV at the Bamboo 2 Bar Danang



AFL, or Aussie Rules as its known in its homeland is Australia's favourite game.  All AFL games are shown live at the Bamboo 2 Bar Danang.



NRL is the National Rugby League, Australia's national Rugby League competition.  Tough and hard, all games are shown live at the Bamboo 2 Bar Danang.

Rugby Union


Rugby Union, the game that's played in Heaven, with International rugby, and some domestic games, shown Live (especially when Australia is playing!!)



Internationals, World Cup Football and the Premier League are shown live on the flat screens at Bamboo 2 Bar Danang.  The place went nuts when Vietnam made the final of the Asian Football U23 championships game, so keep an eye out for games involving the local side.



All the big cricket matches are played, especially the Ashes and other major matches played such as the World Cup.  If there is a match that you want to see please ask the friendly staff to see if its available.

Other Sports


If there are any other sports that you would like to watch, such as UFC, F1, Boxing or anything else, please either contact us beforehand or ask the bar staff if its available.  Most sports televised in the UK are available.